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Bridal Bouquet – History and Symbolism

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Bridal bouquet has not always existed. In ancient times brides used instead of flowers plaited garlands of various herbs with pungent odor. These garlands were worn in the hair, their main role being to banish evil spirits, to protect the bride in this special day.

With time, this tradition evolved into traditional garland flowers that we all know. In their early days, bouquets were filled with strong smelling herbs like fennel that was also chewed by the groom, as it is considered to enhance the sexual appetite.

The first bouquet containing flowers, along with plants appeared in 1840 at the wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. This bouquet was small in size and has a round shape.

In the early twentieth century displayingan extravagant wedding bouquet represented you are a part of a higher social class.

In the ’20s, sophisticated brides were choosing small and round calla or lilies bouquets, and sometimes orchids bouquets.

In the beginning of 30s, brides wore flowers on the arm, most often gladiolus flowers, mixandra or lilies, while at the end of the decade simplicity regained its place and bouquets became much smaller, most frequently made of azalea flower , violets and pansies.

During the Second World War, when flowers were extremely rare, brides where using small simple bouquetsconsisting of several threads lilies or wild roses.

The “Flowerchild” woman of the ’70s used to a bunch of wild flowers as a statement of faith and her libertine spirit.

Even today, designers of floral bouquet treat the wedding bouquet as an object of art because it represents a stylistic signature of the bride. The wedding along withthe veil, jewelry, hairstyle form the entirecomplex of the wedding day.