Floral Arrangements for Winter Weddings

winter fairy

Delicate species of plants that form the Cosmos related are the basis of many wonderful bouquets, gently prepared for the big event. Available in a variety of colors, from red, pink and white to nuances of orange or yellow, they are one of the most popular choices of brides on the American continent. An exotic choice is chocolate cosmos, a flowering plant with velvety rich shades of brown and impressive by its flavor of chocolate and vanilla. Designed for garden decoration, they inspire formality and elegance.

Winter bouquets are available in various nuances and plants like anemone offers more color bouquets and floral arrangements. Along with these flowers, callas are also distinguished by elegance and architectural form, which emphasize their versatility. These two plants can be used both in traditional bouquets, and in traditional one, complemented with several roses. Their color spectrum range from white to purple.

Amaryllis are another flowers that offer a variety of nuances from pure white to bright red, to compose an original bouquet we need four or five trumpet-shaped flowers with tall stems. Calla is a flower characterized by elegance and firmness. It can be elegantly arched in a tube arrangement or become a splendid arrangement into a vase, combined with fresh greenery. It can represent an elegant , but simple gift at the same time.

For a perfect harmony it is recommended for the flowers you have chosen to have colors and nuances somehow connected with the location or environment of the event. For example yellow can embody an impression of calm and sobriety when placed in a too chromatic environment.