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Color symbolism in Flowers

Buchet Tricolor

The ancient significance of wedding bouquet (bridal bouquet) consists in the ancient belief that the smell of flowers ward off evil spirits, bringing chance and prosperity to the wearer. Besides this, the symbolism of each flower bouquet, and color of the flowers bring new meanings to the wedding bouquet or any other floral composition.

For example, to express love and passion the best choice is red, but the red flowers are also symbol of timidity. To show hidden love, you can use purple nuances, which also mean peace, gentleness and modest courtesy violet flowers associated with red represents memories. Purple also symbolizes friendship, while pink flowers – beauty and purity, but paired with purple means devotion. The green represents hope, youth and success, and blue is associated feelings of pure and platonic love, and wisdom. Brown is the color of anxiety, and yellow is synonymous with wealth and success, which in combination with red signifies ambition, and with purple – the feeling of sorry.