Useful Tips

How to Care for a Dracaena?

Dracaena marginata

Water should be poured every week, as well as substrate should be kept moist. Allow the surface to dry slightly and avoid giving excessive amount of water to the plant. In spring and summer, wash plant once a month. In winter, leave the soil to dry better.

If the room air should be dry. Occasionally spray the leaves and put the pot on a layer of wet pebbles or marbles. Fertilize the plant every 15 days during its growth process.

Avoid repotting Dracaena when the roots are growing, because this plant prefers to feel cramped. Dracaena draco is an exception to this rule. For her it is necessary to have a bigger pot, because it loves to have space.

If you want to give more branches to the plant, especially in spring, you should cut the main stem and pour healing wax on this place.

Under its leaves there may appear brown insects and you can remove them with an alcohol swab. If the insect attack is too big then you should use an insecticide.