Frequently Asked Questions

How much the delivery costs?

 The delivery in Chisinau municipality costs 69 MDL, and in the territory of the district centers and other localities of Moldova delivery cost varies and can be seen on page cost shopping. The express-delivery in Chisinau costs 89 MDL.

Which days of the week are for deliveries?

 We deliver flowers all week from Monday to Sunday non-stop.

Can you deliver your products in other places than home?

 Yes, we can deliver to firms, companies, institutions, hospitals, maternity hospitals, cemeteries, restaurants and other locations.

Can I cancel an unpaid or paid order?

 All orders for which payment have been not confirmed yet, are considered inactive. Already paid orders can not be canceled. But there can be some exceptions, so in this case the details of the cancellation can be discussed by telephone conversation with our company florists.

Can I order product delivery anonymously?

 Our company puts a high value on the privacy of our customers. You can order floral bouquet or composition delivery anonymously. If you omit the completion of the field area with a message or your name, the recipient will not be able to find out your identity whether he will request it.

What happens if the recipient is not home or place of delivery?

 If on the indicated address is another person: relative, colleague, friend, we will deliver it there, and if there is nobody, the delivery agent can return to another hours or contact the one who ordered the delivery. However, it would be desirable to specify a period of time the recipient to be at the delivery address and give us her phone number.

Can I order with products with it delivery in the future?

 Of course, you can place an order with delivery anytime, from today and for a period of 30 days.

What are the payment methods?

 Our company offers the following forms of payment: credit cards, Paypal, PayNet, bank transfer, Webmoney and Yandex services. Also our customers can use Western Union / Money Gram or choose cash payment to the courier.

Is there a minimum order value?

 Yes, there is a minimum order of 450 MDL.

What are the maintenance of a bouquet of flowers?

 It is important to know that the flowers do not love the current and the sun (heat). To keep a bouquet for longer time it needs to change the water in the vase regularly – daily. For maintenance more efficient water should be clean, cool and without additives.

What are the maintenance for floral arrangements (compositions)?

 To be maintained for a long time floral composition need 50 -150 grams of water depending on their size. Because these compositions are made in Bioph (called Oazis) water is slowly evaporating from it and it is needed to refill the required amount of water by soaking the Oazis.

How qualitative the offered flower bouquets and compositions are?

 All flowers are fresh and have high quality. Each flower is kept in stock or in deposits with all the necessary conditions of temperature and humidity. For us is unacceptable using not fresh cut-flowers. Some of the flowers we use are imported from Holland, others are from Moldova, but all amount of it is to the highest quality standards.