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Symbols of Flowers

simbolurile florilor

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things on this planet. Their colors attract everyone, their smell is breathtaking and their fluorescence offer delights to our soul! Flowers symbolize beauty and positivity and various flowers have different symbols. They have their own language; their shape and flavor have its own message.

Many legendary meanings of flowers come from the Elizabethan era. Victorians were those who first associated flowers and feelings. Flowers were always an easy way of expression. They have become almost an integral part of every occasion and event, happy or sad.

Apple blossom indicate that good things are going to happen. Aster, in China, symbolizes faithfulness. Heliotrope also symbolizes, loyalty, as well as violets. Cornflower symbolizes humility, Cyclamen flower symbolizes modesty while hydrangea means ego.

Carnations originating in the Middle East, symbolizes the bonds of affection and love, health and energy. The red light signifies admiration and the dark red denote deep love. Thin edges colored carnations signify regret that a love cannot be shared. Purple carnations symbolize lack of credibility, the green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day and the pink means mother’s love is eternal.

Daffodils symbolize respect, and lavender means admiration. Red Chrysanthemums represent love and the white symbolizes truth. On the other hand, sunflower symbolizes infatuation. A pink orchid symbolizes pure affection. Acacia means secret love, Ambrosia symbolizes the return of love and gladiola means love at first sight.