Floral Seminar with Slava Rosca “Wedding Motifs”

 Slava Rosca together with FlorArt salon florists organized a floral seminar “Wedding Motifs” in Chisinau from 4 to 6 July 2019. The participants together with the florist colaborated in making the bridal bouquets and the decoration of the presidium. The main plant involved in the creative process – lavender. A variety of local flowers such as lisianthus, roses, scabiosa and hydrangea, garden lianas and other plants have found their way to be placed into the arrangements made by the florist team.

 During the first two days, the participants followed Slava‘s advices and created the wedding bouquets on the carcasses, and on the third day the whole team was involved in the creative process of the bride’s and groom’s table decoration. The bridal bouquets were made from various materials and corresponded to floral trends and floristic rules of creating floral arrangements correctly.

 Those who have not been able to participate in this practical course from the famous florist can see the beautiful achievements in our photo report.

 A short summary can be seen in this video created by our partners – Seminar “Wedding Motifs” with Slava Rosca.