Easter Floral Arrangements

aranjament pastoral

Flowers represent an integral part for a perfect celebration of Easter holidays. Given the fact that is a spring holiday, we can use the opportunity to choose from a multitude of fresh flowers.

During this period we are tempted to decorate the Easter table with bouquets of flowers, with special baskets or floral arrangements. Multicolored flowers also help us to offer appropriate compliments and good wishes to the persons we love and respect. We have selected a few seasonal flowers that are appropriate to use during Easter holidays.

1. Lilies – the flowers of purity;
2. Cloves – according to legend they appeared when Virgin Mary cried;
3. Roses – called the “flowers of Christ”, as well as Carnations;
4. Orchids – flowers of rare beauty;
5. Callas – symbolizes the winds angels;
6. Tulips – a symbol of rebirth, being one of the first spring flowers;
7. Daffodils – flowers that express joy;
8. Spathiphyllum – a symbol of the peace and grace.

When choosing flowers pay attention to the color of buds. FlorArt specialists advise you to choose the classic shades: yellow / gold / white – a symbol of purity, light and spiritual power; red symbolizes life; green is the color of hope and blue represents the color of the sky.

The compositions also contain themed decorative elements that directly embody the holiday of Easter: candles, eggs, toys (hens, chickens, rabbits and various birds).

Do not hesitate to offer bouquets and floral arrangements to the beloved ones and fill their homes with joy and happiness.