Useful Tips

Take Care of your Flowers and Make them Live Longer


A bouquet always contains inside a romantic message, a beautiful feeling or a good thought. What do you do when you receive flowers but realize that they will last only for a short period of time. Here are some tips that can help you keep your flowers fresh and enjoy their beauty as long as possible. Often, the flowers you recieve last only about 24 hours, afterwards they wither and the person remains only with the memory of this nice gesture. If you want to prolong flowers’ life, there are some advices and answers to most common problems when keeping bouquets and floral arrangements.

First of all it depends what is the form of bouquet or floral arrangement:

If you received it with sponge (called Oasis)

  • Make sure the sponge remain moist all the time, because the end of the flowers are fixed to this Oasis;
  • Don’t forget to add a special kind of flower preservative (you can find it in the Flower shops of the city);

If you received a simple bouquet

  • Remove all the leaves till the water level and put the flowers in a vase;
  • Make sure the water is always fresh (if it becomes dirty, change it);
  • Add floral preservative;
  • It is preferable to cut the edges before putting them in a vase. This procedure should be made with small sharp scissors to avoid damaging the flowers;

Like any other creature, flowers prefer to avoid string wind and or any physical shock (to be often moved from place to place) or radical changes in temperature.