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Red Roses

There is evidence that the history of red roses dates back tens of thousands of years ago. These flowers have played a significant role in the history of China, Europe and Mediterranean region. Significantly, red roses are the same whether we are talking about countries in Asia, Europe, America or Africa. Their symbolism is universally valid. And on special days, such as Valentine’s Day, red roses are the most handy gift and the one that most men buy. In addition, due to their popularity, these flowers are available at any time of the year.

Types of red roses

As you may realize, there are several species of roses and, in this case, several varieties of red roses. Here are the most popular:

  • Sweet rose, which is also called Parkjuwel;
  • the rose of Provence, whose flowers have a size of up to 8 cm and which is one of the oldest species cultivated in an organized way;
  • Tornado or Wijrshofen roses, which are small and medium sized;
  • Ponderosa roses, which are especially used for decorating gardens and parks;
  • Coraline roses, which are grown more in pots, have a small size of 30-35 cm and small, fragrant flowers;
  • Maman Cochet roses have large, elegant and fragrant flowers.


In antiquity, in Greece, China, Egypt and the Roman Empire, roses, especially red ones, were some of the most popular, admired and cultivated flowers. The same thing happened in mythology, symbolic characters of love, such as Venus or Cupidon, were great fans of this flower.

The legend

There are legends that say that the red rose was created by the gods and crowned as the flower queen. Thus, a Roman legend commemorates the name of a virgin, Rhodanthe, who was very beautiful and therefore had a lot of marshals. Frustrated by so many marriage requests, Rhodanthe chose to hide in the temple of her girlfriend Diana. But there was a misunderstanding between the two, Diana becoming envious of Rhodanthe. And when the peasants came to her at the castle to meet Rhodanthe, Diana became angry and turned Rhodanthe into a rose, and her marshals in her thorns.

Another legend, Romanian one, says that the rose was created by God and the thorns by the Devil.